Electrolux designs press to make the perfect grilled cheese

Back in June, Jonathan Kaplan, creator of the now retired Flip camera, announced that he was moving on to curdier pastures with The Melt, a chain of grilled cheese restaurants. Not just any grilled cheese sandwiches though — he hit up the fine folks at Electrolux to design him the perfect press.

Electrolux, who you probably already know through the company's oodles and oodles of kitchen concepts, makes real-world stuff, too. Take the above sandwich press, for instance. The Melt is going to employ the company's machines to make uniform, gooey grilled cheeses, customized with whatever you want to see flowing between two pieces of bread.

Kaplan's tech integration isn't ending there, either. The Melt will encourage customers to order via smartphone, and then use QR codes to pick up orders.

Want to try it out for yourself? Well, if you're in the San Francisco area, the first eatery just opened there in the city's SoMa district.

Update: As spotted by the commenters below, it looks like these much talked about sandwich presses aren't unique to The Melt.

Via SeattlePI

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