Dish Network releases a portable satellite dish for tailgating

Tailgating, the art of getting hammered in a stadium parking lot before a sporting event, is serious business. But it's about to get more serious with the introduction of Dish Network's Tailgater.

The Tailgater is a portable satellite dish meant to be used in the back of a truck in a parking lot. Simply hook it up to a Dish ViP 211k HD receiver and an HDTV, and you'll be able to watch the came from the comfort of your fold-out chairs.

Of course, you could watch the game on a TV from home, from a couch, while enjoying the comforts that a roof provides. (Not to mention you could have your beer brought to you by robots. -Ed) But I guess there's no fun in that, is there? The Tailgater will set you back $350.

Yahoo via Engadget

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