iPhone 5's looks get reverse-designed from leaked cases

With just weeks to go before Apple is expected to introduce its iPhone 5, the Apple gurus at MacRumors decided to take matters into its own hands and create the most accurate mockup based on rumors and leaked iPhone 5 cases.

It's one thing to have complete freedom to create an iPhone 5 render, but it's another to reverse design one from a leaked case, that may or may not even be for the iPhone 5.

MacRumors commissioned CiccareseDesign to take measurements against the case to the best of its ability and then present an iPhone 5 render that would fit in that case.


The final design is something similar to the fourth-gen iPod Touch, but with a tapered back that goes from thickest to thinnest, from the top to the bottom. CiccareseDesign even went as far as expanding the home button to support the rumors of advanced gestures. In fact, the renders don't look too far off from a mockup that ThisIsMyNext presented in April.

Everything that we've been hearing about the iPhone 5 was considered in these designs: 4-inch screen, tapered back, larger home button/gesture pad and redesigned volume rocker.

And of course, the guts for the iPhone 5 are expected to rock the iPad 2's dual-core A5 processor, more RAM and higher megapixel camera. We won't know for sure how close MacRumor's mockup is until next month, but man, this guessing game is getting intense!

Via MacRumors

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