Data Sandals power your feet with the ultimate in geek style

Some of us worship at the altar of tech, and others at the altar of fashion, but every so often the two worlds collide in a happy mix of circuitry and haute couture. Such is the case with the curiously attractive Data Sandals.

Created by Steven Rodrig, the Data Sandals are possibly the best looking geek totems to the world of fashion you'll ever see. The only problem here is that the sandals are not wearable, they are only for display as works of art. Nevertheless, if you are looking for your own techie Cinderella to slip a magic shoe on, having these on your desk is a pretty good advertisement. They also serve as a nice reminder for girl geeks that one need not surrender attention to style just because you're into tech. You can pick up a pair for $350 here.

Via Discovery

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