iZON room monitor lets you spy through your iPhone

Do you ever wonder what's going on at home when you're not there? This simple looking camera called the iZON let's you check it out, and will even record what it sees to YouTube.

While the iZON isn't exactly the first system that lets you monitor your house remotely using your phone, it certainly looks like it could be the simplest.

The camera attaches to your wall or ceiling using a magnetic mount that lets you swivel the camera to get the optimum field of view, then sends its signals wirelessly to your home network. Unlike other systems that require a running computer and at least one webcam to operate, the iZON can stream audio and video directly to your iOS device. It can be configured to send push notifications when the camera detects motion or audio, and can even record what's happening directly to a private access only YouTube channel.

In addition to the normal checking for burglars and seeing which of your pets is misbehaving, the possibilities for this system are pretty wide ranging. Think your spouse is cheating? The discreet iZON could record their romantic tryst for later use in divorce court. You could even use it inside the house as a 21st century answer to the baby monitor.

Several iZONs can be used together to monitor your entire pad, but at $130 a pop, that will start to get pretty expensive.

The iZON is available now from Best Buy, or directly from the manufacturer Stem Innovation.

iZON, via SlashGear

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