Become a super-athlete by hanging out in an oxygen egg

What's Novak Djokovic's secret to being one of the best tennis players in the world? Natural talent and countless hours of practice, I'm guessing. Or maybe this egg-shaped pressurized oxygen chamber. One of the two!

Apparently, the CVAC Pod "simulates conditions in high altitudes and can help improve circulation, vision, reaction times, endurance and power, all while boosting red blood cell count." There are only 20 of these guys in the world, and it costs a cool $75,000. That's an insane amount of money! But of course, if you could become awesome at sports with it, it's certainly cheaper than the cost of all the time it would take you to practice and get good on your own. Sold!

So, how does it feel to be inside the thing? Wall Street Journal reporter Reed Albergotti got to try it out. Check out the video below — it looks, well, uncomfortable.

WSJ via Gizmodo

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