Save your cubits: Battlestar Galactica goodies up for auction

Battlestar Galactica has (sadly) been out of production for a while now, and there's only so much that industrious DIY-ers can do to create their own cool toys based on the show. Happily for fans everywhere, a huge new batch of props is currently being auctioned off, and you can get your own piece of the BSG action for (kinda) cheap.

Of course, as a mercenary employed by Syfy, I get first pick, so I'm going home with a fully operational Mark VII Viper and one of those spare Sixes.

You know what, better make it two.

Below, we've picked out our 15 favorites items for you to peruse, along with auction descriptions and an estimated price. Bidding starts now!

Auction, via Gizmodo

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