Batman and Robin definitely party like rockstars in this Batlimo

Hey, even superheroes need to break outta the tights and pop it on the dance floor every once in a while. If you're with Batman's crew, you know the regular Batmobile won't fit all those drinks and friends. For those crazy nights, the Batlimo is just the right car for the job.

Before anybody starts dousing the place with gasoline, yeah, we're well aware that this Batlimo's been floating around for quite some time now, but it's the first we've seen or heard of it. That said, we're in love with the stretched design modeled after Tim Burton's Batmobile and that slick turbine engine up front (not a real one like this guy's Batmobile). Its wheels could use some cooler rims and slicker tires, though.

Being the geeks we are, you better believe we're going to hunt down this Batlimo for our wedding and honeymoon sendoff. We won't dress up like Batman and Catwoman, but we'd kill for a cruise in this ride.

AutoGespot and BornRich, via Nerd Approved

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