Awesome Death Star cake has a planet-gobbling LED light

Friend of the site Rachel Linhart combines two awesome interests: geekery and baking. The result? A stunning cake such as the Death Star you see above, complete with a blinking LED light for where you'd normally find a planet-destroying laser. Pretty much the entire thing is edible, from the ball to the base, as well as the Millennium Falcon, the prowling Star Destroyer and the Star Wars signage.

There's a sad end to this tale, however — but one fitting for the Empire's, erm, decidely combustible space station.

According to Rachel, the cake took her several days to put together, and all in all accounted for some 24 hours of work. We definitely believe it, given its complexity. She made it for a friend's child who was looking forward to a seventh birthday — one with the craziest cake ever en route — complete with Luke and Darth Vader action figures. Who wouldn't go bananas for this thing?

Well, cab drivers, for one. The Death Star, it turns out, isn't mightier than New York City's pedal-to-the-metal cabbies, and after two taxi rides the Empire's delicious pride and joy was left in ruin.

According to Rachel, the kids at the birthday party didn't mind at all: "the kids decided it was the Death Star after Luke destroyed it. Superfans!"

Check out Rachel's cake in more detail in the gallery below — as well as some of the other geeky baking creations she's been kind enough to share with us. When she's not serving up stellar cakes, Rachel likes to relax with TV shows such as Hollywood Treasure, V, Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, Fringe, Red Dwarf, Garth Marenghi's Darkplace and, as she puts it, "pretty much anything involving deadly viruses!"

(Thanks, Rachel, Ted and Loretta!)

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