Augmented reality mirror lets you see a more beautiful you

As we age, looking at ourselves in the mirror can get pretty depressing. This electronic "mirror" lets you tweak your features just like a good editor using Photoshop, but using a live picture that can be changed on the fly.

Developed by researchers at the University of London, the software based mirror is fundamentally different from other similar systems, because instead of just pasting new features on top of your existing ones, it makes a 3D map of your face, and develops a new altered video version of it.

In addition to simple tasks like letting someone try on virtual "makeup," the team sees it being used to check out the potential results of plastic surgery before you go under the knife. The team also hopes to develop an app version for smartphones, but they add that current phones don't yet have sufficient processing power.

Their current work will be presented next month at the International Conference on Image Processing in Brussels Belgium.

New Scientist, via PopSci

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