Audiophile flat panel speakers get the shrinking treatment

A lot of audiophiles love flat panel speakers, but good luck getting your significant other to accept a couple of huge monoliths sitting in the living room. Now one of America's oldest high-end speaker companies has a solution.

The Mini Maggie from Magnepan uses essentially the same technology as their six foot tall MG-3.7, just shrunken down into a bite sized package for table top use. Because bass tends to be a function of size, the Mini Maggie is what's known as a 2.1 system, with a separate panel woofer just to handle the bass.

My friend Steve "The Audiophiliac" Guttenberg went to Magnepan's HQ in Minnesota to check them out, and walked away with his jaw dragging on the floor. And he already owns the 3.7s.

Like most flat panel speakers, you're going to need a pretty hefty dose of power, but the end result will be like a Lamborghini vs a Yugo compared to your regular computer speakers.

The Mini Maggies will be available starting next month for about $1,500 a set.

Magnepan, via Inner Fidelity

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