Audi takes the wraps off its electric Segway killer

Despite the less than stellar market performance of the Segway, similar competing vehicles continue to be developed in the hopes of hitting the mark just as the public is ready for the next phase of personal transport. The latest entrant in this race is Audi with their new concept A0 monocycle for urban transport.

Developed by students from the Technische Universität München and the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México under supervision of Klemens Rossnagel, Head Designer of Audi Design Research Center Munich, the A0 prototype moves at a maximum speed of about 9 miles per hour via one hollow wheel powered by an electric motor. So far the battery only lasts for one hour, thus limiting its commercial potential, but if this is the kind of thing Audi is working on in its labs, we can expect some exciting things in the near future. You can see the Audi A0 in action the video below.

Via Engadget

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