Artist turns wall into world's largest Post-it stop-motion video

What does the world's largest stop-motion video made with Post-its look like? It looks something like this massive mural made with over 350,000 of the colorful sticky notes and carefully "animated" over five months.

As part of an advertising campaign for Melissa, a new shoe store in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the shoe brand partnered up with 3M to get 350,000 Post-its to create an animated stop motion video — the largest one to ever use so many sticky notes.

With a theme of "the power of love," the public was invited to leave their own love messages on the Post-its while the animators worked vigorously to move the notes around to create an animation.

What the 25 animators end up with is a colorful animation that features elephants, balloons, flowers, and all sorts of hypnotic patterns that have a pixelated aesthetic. I might not be a shoe freak, but I love Post-its and this video is mesmerizing.

As a bonus, you can see the behind-the-scenes/making of the Post-it stop motion video here.

YouTube, via Geek

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