Painter captures paused VHS moments, right down to the scanlines

Swiss artist Andy Denzler has quite an eye for still-life painting. Not just any moment in time, either — the paused VHS variety, complete with all that magnetic tape-induced fuzz. Who knew scanlines could be beautiful?

"I'm pushing the boundaries and possibilities of abstract and photorealism. It's as if I've pressed the fast-forward on a video machine, then hit the pause button, so reality comes to a stand-still," Denzler said in an interview with Wired UK. "I speed up and slow down the colours. What remains is a distorted moment — classically painted, oil on canvas — which, upon closer inspection is very abstract, but from distance looks real."

Denzler was inspired to paint the VHS stills during his school days:

He first got into the technique in art school where he worked a lot with audio-visual gear. He said: "One day when I was experimenting with abstract composition, I saw colour fields appear on the canvas, like what you get with long exposure times on photography. The effect was as if something was hovering beneath the surface of the paint."

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Andy Denzler, via Wired UK, via Boing Boing

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