Apple successfully blocks sale of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in EU

Win one for Apple. After suing Samsung for copying its iPad and iPhone designs with similar competitors, a German court's been granted an injunction to block all sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the European Union. Yowza!

The preliminary injunction in the EU comes hot after Samsung's on/off decision to sell the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia against Apple's complaint.

The only country in the EU that Samsung will not be barred from selling the Tab 10.1 is in the Netherlands — for the time being. Foss Patents says that Apple's preparing a completely separate lawsuit for the Netherlands because of differing competition law between it and Germany (where the EU lawsuit was filed).

This entire lawsuit stems from the accusation by Apple that Samsung is blatantly copying its design for mobile devices, without enough differentiation. Well, duh, if you set the bar, expect others to "borrow" heavily, right?

Not quite. Apple's crazy about control. It patents the hell out of everything — even the design for the iPhone and iPad. You can bet your butt it's going to protect its properties as much as it can.

The big problem comes with Apple using Samsung as one of its largest suppliers. Samsung makes most of the flash chips, processors and RAM that Apple uses in its iPhone and iPad. Did Apple really think a relationship that close wouldn't lead to any direct or indirect copying?

It's Samsung's first major loss and it's a big one, but there's quite a stretch to go. Things road just became lot more bumpy for ol' reliable Sammy.

Foss Patents, via DaringFireball

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