Crossing a USB drive with a vibrator is worth over $50,000

If you can dream it up, you can crowdsource the funds for it. For example, folks ponied up $200,000 to save SETI's Allen Telescope Array. Now? The fine geeks of the world have put over $50,000 behind a USB drive that serves up storage next to stimulation.

Crave, a startup out of San Fransisco, was looking for funds for its flash drive vibrator on CKIE (pronounced "see-key"), which is basically a Kickstarter-like crowdfunding site started by the folks at Yanko Design. Crave originally wanted $15,000 to produce its Duet combo drive.

The company got that $15,000 in two days.

Now they're up to $50,000 from over 430 backers, and that's up from the $46,000 other blogs were reporting this morning. You can still pitch in: a $75 donation secures you the basic 8GB Duet (which Crave says will retail for $139). There are also higher donation tiers which can net you larger sizes and different colors.

The Duet also has four vibration modes at five different power levels, and can last for four hours of continuous use. You know, in case you want to stir your coffee or something. For a really long time. Mm-mmm, coffee!

Our favorite feature? It's washable.

Crave, via CKIE, via CNET

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