Amazon CEO patents airbags for cellphones to protect 'em from drops

Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos cares about stuff other than Kindles and destroying retail, you know — like a cellphone that can eject mini airbags out of its rear to reduce impact damage.

Filed in February, Geekwire discovered the patent and noticed Bezos and Amazon Vice President Greg Heart were listed as its inventors.

The patent outlines the use of a gyroscope, camera, IR beam, radar or accelerometer to detect when the cellphone is falling. Once the phone knows that, it'll signal mini airbags to "inflate via an embedded cartridge of compressed air or carbon dioxide," springs or even use a "propulsion element to expel gas" — reorienting the phone and allowing it land gently.

The patent is certainly wild and we imagine the phone would need to be kind of bulky unless Bezos knows something about shrinking airbags, but then again, today's smartphones were unimaginable pre-iPhone.

The Register

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