Chinese subway riders get punching bags to beat out their demons

Punching bags in subway stations? That's either a genius idea or one that's asking for injuries, depending on which side you stand on (pun intended). The creative minds at Adidas are here to help Shanghai subway commuters destress with a quick little physical workout.

Billed as the "first advertisement in history that you can kick, punch, and trample at will," the punching bags installed at a Shanghai subway station actual encourages waiting commuters to beat the living crap out of it.

Now, I understand there are droves of stressed out workers going to work and returning home in China, like there are in every other major global city, but a subway station doesn't exactly seem like the best place to install a punching bag. One blown nerve and a person taking it out their virtual boss on the bag could end up accidentally injuring a bystander.

And, I hear the folks in Shanghai know this thing called martial arts, so it's not like it's just punching. I'm sure there will be people doing all sorts of flying kicks (like that gent in the top photo), dragon punches and fists of deaths all over these punching bags.

As a campaign, it's an extremely risky one, and we'd assume Adidas has its own team of fitness trainers carefully keeping an eye on things. It's one thing to encourage fitness (China's increasing obesity needs it), but it's another to do it improperly — like not reminding users to stretch before beating the bag. Hopefully, I'm right on the first and wrong on the second account and Adidas actually thought this ad out.

I won't lie, I'd be tempted to punch one if Adidas installed these in NYC's subway stations, but knowing how germ-infested most public fitness equipment is, I'd probably pass.

M.I.C. Gadget, via Slashgear

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