Acer Aspire 3951 is a MacBook Air clone for Mac haters

PC users, here is your MacBook Air clone. Leaked design pics show Acer's Aspire 3951 — a 13.3-inch Ultrabook (Intel's name for new tier of thin and light notebooks) that looks like it hopped off the Apple factory line in the middle of the night.

The three-pound 3951 is rumored to have a thin 0.51-inch (13mm) aluminum body, with second-gen Intel Core processor, optional 160GB SSD, Dolby Home Theater v4, Bluetooth 4.0, Chiclet keyboard, large single trackpad, fast 1.7 second wakeup time from sleep, 30 day standby and six hours of continuous battery life.

On the back are a pair of USB ports (3.0?), power adapter and HDMI port. On the left side is an audio jack and on the right is a SD card slot.

The big differentiator between the 3951 and MacBook Air? Price. The 3951 will supposedly be released this October and run about $770-960, which is even lower than the $999 11-inch MBA. If there's one thing PCs can beat Macs on, it's price. Although we've heard PC makers are having trouble keeping Ultrabooks under the $1,000 price point.

There's no info on whether this thing runs Windows 7 (we presume it will), or another OS and we're not sure how a standard hard drive with 160-500GB of storage will fit into such a thin frame, but we'll leave that stuff to the Acer engineers.

PC users who want in on the thin and light notebooks will finally have more to choose from than just Samsung's Series 9 (which are already crazy thin), provided Acer's Aspire 3951 doesn't change too much between now and October.

Sohoa, via Engadget

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