The real-deal Star Trek theme park is a go

Deep breaths, Trekkies: a Star Trek theme park is in the works. A $1.5 billion Star Trek theme park, to be precise. And it just got its funding nailed down.

Of course, you're going to have to go to Jordan to visit it, as only someone as ridiculously wealthy as King Abdullah of Jordan (along with some investors from America and the Gulf) would be able to finance something this ridiculous. But it's expected to be completed in 2014, and when it's opened it'll offer up "17 entertainment areas and 4 hotels on 184 acres of land." That is big!

It'll also feature attractions that showcase Jordan's history for some reason, presumably because much of Jordan's history involved William Shatner punching people in the face and sleeping with their women, as I understand it.

Here's a little snippet from The National about what you can expect:

"The resort will include hotels, theatres, dining and shopping. The entertainment will be themed around the idea of Jordan as "a crossroads of civilisations', Ms Ayoubi said.

The Star Trek-themed 'space-flight adventure' will be created under licence from CBS Consumer Products, which manages the licensing of television shows including the CSI series."

Apparently King Abdullah II of Jordan is a Trekkie. Who knew?

The National via Gizmodo

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