8 new images of Apple's 'spaceship' HQ

Announced in June, we knew that Steve Jobs wanted to build a brand new Apple campus shaped like a spaceship in Cupertino. The world's most valuable company's now released high-quality renders of its proposed HQ for all to marvel at. Oh wow, look at that glass, it's curved.

It's no secret that Apple Stores are extremely profitable for the Cupertino computer company. Apple's invested a great deal of money into building the shops (and rebuilding) around the world. Hell, in China, Apple Stores are bootlegged to the point where untrained eyes can't tell the difference.

But let's get real, as shiny and clean as the glass on the retail stores are, the buildings where the likes of Steve Jobs, Jony Ives and Tim Cook get together and brainstorm new product concepts and sketches on cafeteria napkins are as boring as cement. For a design-obsessed company like Apple, it needs a design-obsessed HQ and the spaceship one that Jobs proposed in front of the Cupertino City Council in June fits the company very well.

With 2.8 million-square-feet of space (enough to room for 13,000 Apple workers), a 1,000 seat auditorium, 300,000-square-feet for R&D (research and development), a corporate fitness center, a 3,000 seat cafeteria and a self-contained electrical plant, the tentatively dubbed "Apple Campus 2" is like an entire mini glass-dome city, without the glass dome.

Cupertino, via Cult of Mac

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