99-year-old grandma plays NES to fend off senile decay

Playing Wii and mind stimulation games like Brain Age aren't the only ways to keep your brain and body from rotting. NES and good ol' Bomberman works great too! Take it from 99-year-old Umeji Narisawa who's been playing Famicom (NES in U.S.) for 26-years to keep her brain sharp.

There's nothing like proving to all the soccer moms out there that video games can be beneficial for living a long healthy life. After becoming intrigued by her grandkids playing with the NES, Narisawa decided to take a crack at the game console herself.

Twenty-six years later and she's already mastered Bomberman by clearing all 50 levels and sometimes even beats the game several times in one day. Narisawa accredits the game's challenging puzzles to keeping her brain focused as well as counting the button presses as a form of finger exercise.

Not too shabby for a 99-year-old gamer. Anybody want to introduce Narisawa to Call of Duty? With a little practice, she might just whoop hardcore gamers in that game too.

Next time ma or pa tell you to go outside and get some fresh air, just tell'em that playing Nintendo will keep you sane until you're a centennial.

OFN Magazine and Nell Cosmic World, via NintendoEverything

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