7 photos of NYC captured at day and night — at the same time

Millions of photographers shoot pictures of New York City every day. How many of them can paint the Big Apple in a light that doesn't feel generic and reek of "been there, done that?" Stephen Wilkes is one of those guys. His Day to Night series showcase how NYC landmarks would look if night and day existed simultaneously.

The end result are photographs that look like HDR shots, with each photo taking up to 10 hours of work to combine hundreds of photos into one with a photo editor. In many ways, the photos resemble NYC when a storm suddenly appears out of nowhere, slowly darkening the sky and forcing cars to switch on their headlights.

Wilke's photos will be on show at the Clamp Art Gallery in the Chelsea district from September 8 to October 29. I think I'll have to find some time to pay the gallery a visit.

Stephen Wilkes, via Flavorwire

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