$300 toothpaste squeezer helps you get your money's worth

Squeezing every last blob out of toothpaste out of its tube is hard. How much would you pay to never waste another ounce of toothpaste ever again? $5? $10? Try $300 for this Italian toothpaste squeezer.

That's the asking price for this "handcrafted chrome-plated" toothpaste squeezer. Its sole purpose is for emptying a tube of toothpaste with a winding mechanism. Not enough features? It's also, um, engraved with "Cedes Milano" on its base.

We've got a better invention to solve the toothpaste problem. It's called a scissor.

Something tells me, if you can afford a $300 toothpaste squeezer, you could probably care less about those last few gobs of toothpaste stuck in the tube. But if you absolutely must show off when you have guests over, the Cedes Milano toothpaste squeezer will most certainly get the job done.

Park & Bonde, via OhGizmo!

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