25-seat motorcycle shoots for 'world's longest' record

Why would any sane person build a motorcycle that can seat more than two riders? For kicks and Guinness World Records. That's exactly what Colin Furze's 72-foot-long motorcycle that can seat 25 passengers is gunning for: world's longest motorcycle, ever.

Plumber by day, and motorcycle tinkerer by night, Furze's 25-seat bike looks absolutely ridiculous. Can a bike this long really be driven without all of its passengers ending up in a fiery crash?

The answer is yes and no. Although Furze has managed to hit 35 miles per hour on his modified moped, he's only been able to control it with himself on it. And even so, it's "impossible to steer" because a turn requires "about six widths of road." Furze says he's planning to strengthen the motorcycle's frame in the future so it won't collapse under the weight of 25 passengers, but if all of them were to ride on it today, they'd probably all be dead or injured within minutes.

Sure, the motorcycle with the elongated aluminum frame can seat 25 lovely chicks and dudes in total, but Furze doesn't actually need to have them all riding on it to qualify for the Guinness World Record.

Having driven the stretched bike for over one mile, Furze's ride should shatter the current world's longest motorcycle record by about 25-feet.

DailyMail, via AutoBlog

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