220-pound slingshot cannon eats cars for breakfast

If the name Jörg Sprave doesn't ring a bell by now, you've some homework to do, because the guy is undeniably awesome. His love for building jaw-dropping killer slingshots is unrivaled. His latest one? Powerful enough to sling steel balls through one car window and out the other.

According to Sprave, the idea for a slingshot cannon is actually an old one. It's based off a miniature version that he created in 2010 that fired 8mm steel balls. His latest project is a huge 220 pound cannon that's "10 times bigger than the model" and "fires 80mm steel balls" with "impressive force."

Not only does the entire wooden cannon need to be sturdy, its rubber bands need to be able to propel the steel balls 220 yards into the air.

Here's the fun times:

There's just something very genuine about this man's love for slingshots. As he says at the end of the video, he "came back sunburned and really tired, but happy because it was just a blast — so much fun. Unbelievable. I think this is the most amazing weapon — rubber-based weapon that I've ever made. [I'm] really proud."

We're really impressed ourselves Mr. Slingshot. Really. Impressed.

Via YouTube

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