$1 million gets you in orbit for a five-day stay in a space hotel

How bad do you want to take a vacation up in a space hotel for majestic views of planet Earth? You better be uber rich or you're going to stay grounded by the time Orbital Technologies puts the finishing touches on its space hotel in 2016.

The last time we heard about the Commercial Space Station, we only had a taste that Russia was planning to build it. New details have surfaced revealing how much an entire journey and stay will cost and how comfy the time spent in the space hotel will be.

For starters, a trip on a Soyuz rocket (round trip) will cost the most — £500,000 ($822,450) and the five-day stay in space hotel will cost £100,000 ($165,570) for a total of $988,020, which is just about $1 million.

If you've got six other wealthy buddies, the stay should be less lonely, as the space hotel can house seven guests in total in four cabins.

Should you manage to scrape together the money, know that you'll be eating reheated microwavable food and drinking juice (alcohol isn't allowed). At the very least, the CSS's sleeping quarters should be more comfy than the International Space Station's. You'll also be able to choose between sleeping vertically or horizontally (still need to strapped in) and showering in an actual shower unit should be better than the sponge baths that the astronauts on the ISS have to suffer.

Since the CSS will only be 62 miles away from the ISS, in the event of an emergency, the CSS will act as an escape pod for the ISS's astronauts.

We don't see any massive HDTVs or room service, but you know what? You'll be in friggin' space, so who the hell cares about cable TV anyway, when you can see stuff like auroras over Earth? Any rich russian billionaires want to sponsor us?

Via DailyMail

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