Your next bowl of Jell-O could be made from people

After several millennia of eating them, it seems like animals just aren't good enough for us anymore. First it was cows getting tweaked to produce human milk, and now, there's a war on gelatin that might end with tasty snacks like Jell-O getting their ingredients from human gelatin instead. Mmmmm, human Jell-O.

Let's be clear: we're not talking about grinding up the bones and skin of actual people and turning it straight into gelatin. I mean, why on Earth would you think that? Don't be crazy! What we are talking about is introducing human genes into a strain yeast, and then getting gelatin out of the yeast. I'm sure those human genes will still lend the gelatin its own unique "humany" flavor, though.

What's the point? Most of the gelatin we use comes from animals, which is fine, except that a.) some people don't like eating animals, and b.) sometimes eating animals is bad for you, like if the animals have kind of disease. Making gelatin from humans human genes looks like it would be a good way to fix the second issue, and as for the first, I honestly have no idea whether or not this would allow vegetarians and vegans and other people with moral or religious objections to eating animals to start enjoying marshmallows or not.

Via Science Daily

We have no confirmation (or denial) that Jell-O will ever (or isn't currently) using human gelatin (or humans themselves) in any of its products, but we've just asked them.

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