Wireless Speed Wheel for Xbox 360 way better than Wii Wheel

When Nintendo unveiled the Wii Wheel for Mario Kart Wii, we all laughed at how silly it looked to be holding a floating wheel in the air. Microsoft's Wireless Speed Wheel for the Xbox 360 is a motion-controlled steering wheel as well, only it's way more sensitive and works with hardcore racing sim Forza 4.

TeamVVV got to test drive Forza 4 with the Wireless Speed Wheel and from the looks of it, the steering wheel is completely up to snuff as a replacement for bulkier steering wheel controllers that come with gas and brake pedals. Yeah, purists will miss the foot control, but for $60, the Speed Wheel isn't too bad.

Handling will still make you look like you're holding a dinner plate up in the air, practicing for the road test, but making turns — tight and wide ones — appear smooth and lag-free, provided you can drive properly.

If the PlayStation Move is just an improved Wii Remote, then the Wireless Speed Wheel is an improved Wii Wheel, and honestly, what is wrong with that? Microsoft's Wireless Speed Wheel hits stores on October 11.

YouTube, via VG247

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