White fifth-gen iPod Touch shows its pale face

Apple might have killed the last of the white-colored MacBooks with the release of the new MacBook Airs, but that doesn't mean the white gadgets is out of style. Absolutely not! People are killing each other to grab a white iPhone and white iPad. The fifth-gen iPod Touch will probably come in vampire white, too.

It was only a matter of time before the iPod Touch received a white facelift. People waited 10 months to get their hands on the white iPhone and as far as I can tell, the white iPads are very popular (at least in public). Apple blog 9to5Mac managed to get some photos of what appears to be a white iPod Touch digitizer and display.

For all intents and purposes, these white iPod Touch parts could be a prototype that was scrapped or an unofficial third-party digitizer, but we have a feeling Apple's sees great value in the color white. The current word is that the fifth-gen iPod Touch will be simply an internal upgrade from the single core A4 processor to the dual-core A5 processor that's in the iPad 2 and maybe a storage increase.

Larger storage capacities in 128GB could also be a possibility (the top-of-the-line fourth-gen iPod Touch tops out at 64GB) as well as a sharper camera (current rear cam takes awful still photos but great HD video).

Apple's expected to announce new iPods and hopefully a new iPhone this September at its annual iPod/Music event. Keep your fingers crossed if you want a white iPod Touch, because it might just make a showing.

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