Virtual Reality could make a comeback on the PlayStation 3

Proving that Sony really looked at the PS3 as a system that would evolve with the times, Sony is now internally testing a few PS3 games with that awesome 3D virtual reality headset we saw back at CES in January. Who's ready for VR's return?

The last time we heard about Sony's 3D virtual reality headset, it was still a prototype and concept that was being considered for the the future of 3D. We had no idea that Sony was already experimenting with the OLED VR goggles with PS3 games.

In an interview with Develop, senior director at Sony Worldwide Studios, Mick Hocking, said that although the 3D goggles are just a head-mounted display (for now), the company is doing research and development (R&D) on how to have it tracked for full-on immersive VR.

The thought of Sony exploring VR with its PlayStatation Move doesn't seem to farfetched. VR failed in the early 1990s because the A.I. and tracking tech was sort of primitive. With Kinect and PlayStation Move tech slapped together on a pair of 3D goggles, the timing for VR's return couldn't be better.

Without giving away too much, Hocking said that the experiments in R&D have been "fantastic." O-K.

This isn't the first time Hocking has showered VR's potential return with love. Last month, in a video interview with B.Tween, Hocking said that with the 3D headset, consumers could "get back to where we really wanted to get with virtual reality in the '80s" and that "We've now got the power to do it, we've got the screen resolution to do it, we've got the processing power to update fast enough so we can have very immersive experiences on head-mounted displays in gaming in the not too distant future."

The PlayStation 3's been the bringer of new technologies since it launched. It brought Blu-ray to the masses. Currently, it's trying to sway consumers into believing that 3D is a must-have for gaming and movies. Will Sony be shoving in support for 3D VR before the PS3's 10-year lifecycle ends?

Considering how Sony has said that it has no plans to produce the VR headset for the time being, gamers might have to wait for the PS4 or PS5 before this type of tech becomes cheap and common enough to mass produce.

It's reassuring to know that Sony's still "cutting-edge" when it comes to thinking how we'll be interacting with our games years down the line. As the saying goes, "everything old is new again."

Develop, via PlayStation LifeStyle

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