Video: what fireworks look like from the firework's point of view

Video cameras are small enough nowadays that you can strap them onto anything that moves, including fireworks. For the first time ever, check out what a bottle rocket sees as it launches, blows up, and then falls back to Earth.

All of these vids were taken with 808 keychain cameras that shoot in 720p HD. They're a little over $100 online, and you can mount them on everything from arrows to chickens. Basically, it's the same idea as a GoPro, just smaller and cheaper. Small enough and cheap enough, in fact, to be stuck onto a tube of explosive and launched into the air.

Not that it's easy to get a good video from a firework, as the dude who made the video explains:

It ended up being harder to get a good shot than I though it would be. I was going to mount fins on the to stabilize them, but by the time I got the idea I already shot through my supply, and when I went to get more they had put a ban on fireworks sales. :-/

Via Neatorama

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