Ultra tiny arcade cabinet plays GameBoy Advance games

Keeping the GameBoy Advance and arcade dream alive, albeit in a much smaller form, YouTube user "Vcoleiro1" built this seven-inch tall arcade cabinet that plays Space Invaders with a tiny little screen, tiny little buttons and of course a tiny little joystick.

We dare you to rack up a high score on this little arcade cabinet without going cross-eyed. The DIY creation was created with "6mm MDF, painted and then decorated with official SI arcade machine graphics which were printed on glossy decal paper." How authentic is that?

Inside is all Nintendo — a GameBoy Advance SP to be specific. "Vcoleiro1" might have tricked out the cabinet with Space Invaders love, but the machine also accepts all GBA cartridges.

Cute doesn't even begin to describe this. Check it out in the video below!

YouTube, via OhGizmo

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