U.K. police arrest alleged LulzSec spokesperson

The LulzSec hackers claim they're a team of six. If the arrest of a 19-year-old suspect who goes by "Topiary" on Twitter is considered a win for the U.K.'s Metropolitan police's e-crime unit, then the hacking group is now down to five members.

Those who've been following the hacking news from Anonymous and LulzSec will have no trouble explaining who Topiary is. Topiary is a well-publicized "hacktivist" who has worked with Anonymous, Wikileaks and also reportedly ran LulzSec's Twitter account.

In an interesting move, Topiary, perhaps in fearing his impending arrest erased his entire Twitter feed, save for one sent out on July 21 that reads: You cannot arrest an idea.

Topiary's arrest comes a little over a month after the first arrest of 19-year-old Ryan Cleary who aided LulzSec in hosting their IRC channel on one of his servers. On that arrest, LulzSec publicly tweeted that Cleary had no connection to their top secret plans and was not actually a member of their team.

The LulzSec Twitter account has yet to acknowledge exactly what kind of significance Topiary played in their hacking schemes, other than operating their Twitter and acting as the group's official spokesman.

If Topiary was indeed a one of the "top six" in LulzSec, perhaps the hacking group should have quit while they were ahead, instead of making their unexpected return to hack The Sun for the "lulz."

Via The Guardian

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