Soda follows Cheez Whiz into spray cans

Tango has just announced the next step in the evolution of tasty beverages: it's Turbo Tango, an orange soda that comes in an aerosol can and sprays out as foam. Mmm, foam.

Apparently, kids in Britain were getting all jaded with normal, everyday sodas that you have to, like, lift up to your mouth and wrap your lips around and stuff. So much work. It took a team of 40 researchers and developers to come up with this new soda delivery system, which apparently dispenses a product with a texture that's a cross between a soft drink and Reddi Wip. Yum?

To activate Turbo Tango, the packaging instructs users to "Hold upright and squirt in your mouth (and nowhere else)." This opens up some intriguing (and gross) possibilities, as well as the potential for some nefarious fun with a decidedly orange and sticky aftermath. Honestly, my guess is that actually drinking this stuff is not going to be the top priority of anyone who buys it, but don't let that stop you: if you live in the U.K., you'll find Turbo Tango on sale next month for £1.60 a bottle.

Via Daily Mail

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