Toyota's new steering wheel could prevent heart attacks

Heart attacks can happen anywhere at any time — even while driving. That's why Toyota is working on a steering wheel with contact sensors that can automatically slow a car down if it senses any irregular heart activity.

Why heart rate sensors in a steering wheel? Because adding more airbags won't save you from going into cardiac arrest during freak accident.

Although there is no info as to when the steering wheels with the built in heart monitors will make it into shipping cars, the Independent speculates that the wheel could be used for more than just slowing down the car.

In theory, the steering wheel could also beam "real-time" to a medical center or alert emergency teams at a nearby hospital that a heart-failure has occurred and that there may be an accident or an impending one.

Similarly, Ford is also working on a seat with a built-in heart rate monitor. It looks like heart rate sensors will be the car's next must-have, just like the GPS was five years ago.

Yahoo and Medgadget, via Independent

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