Tomorrow's Ferrari is a hybrid sports car wrapped in carbon fiber

Three things come to mind when you think of the brand Ferrari: red, fast and expensive. Maybe, even Italian. Ferrari wrapped up its 2011 World Design Contest that pitted designs students from over 50 schools from around the world to design a "hypercar whose design reflects social changes and technical innovation without sacrificing the brand's performance and iconic appearance."

Three South Korean design students took first place with their Ferrari Eternity concept car — the future of Ferrari. Excuse us, while we wipe the drool off our chins.

Design students Kim Cheong Ju, Ahn Dre and Lee Sahngseok from Hongik University smoked competitors from Turin and London with their hybrid electric sports car.

The Eternity's body is made entirely out of carbon fiber to keep it light and coated in lithium to give power to the car's engine. It runs off a hydrogen fueled engine with a "Fly-Wheel Energy Storage" that cranks miles on electric as a backup. "Maglev System Wheels" were also included to reduce friction and ensure the Eternity drives smoothly.

While the Eternity's design embodies everything Ferrari's are famous for, I personally would have picked third-place winner Henry Cloke and Qi Haitao's Cavallo Bianco car, a hunk of sleek silver with concealed wheels that looks all sci-fi-ish.

You can see second and third-place designs over at DesignBoom. In the meantime, we'll just stop talking and let the sweet photo gallery speak for itself.

Ferrari, via DesignBoom

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