This trained 'mushroom death suit' will eat you when you die

Most people will either be buried in the ground or cremated into ashes when they leave this world, but bioartist Jae Rhim Lee has something that sounds way more nasty than it really is: a suit with "Infinity Mushrooms" that are trained to eat your decomposing body.

Lee's reasoning on using mushrooms, the "master decomposers" to eat her body when she's dead is that it's an environmentally friendly solution. Rather than using carcinogenic formaldehyde to pep a dead body for a casket, she believes confronting your impending death and not falling into denial is important.

The "Infinity Mushrooms" aren't special shrooms — they're just regular shiitake and oyster mushrooms, which she says are already adjusting to breaking down her hair, nails and skin.

The idea is to have dead bodies clothed in these mushroom suits in containers above ground while the schrooms do their thang. Lee didn't mention how long the mushrooms would need to completely decompose a human body. I guess we won't know that until someone actually volunteers to wear one when they die.

Lee's creative idea is supposed to promote "acceptance of death and decomposition" but I think people might actually become more squeamish knowing that mushrooms are eating up their loved ones. Better make sure those containers aren't transparent.

NewScientist and Kottke, via BoingBoing

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