This magic clip turns your clothes into an iPhone holder

Forget straps, belt clips, and arm bands. This iPhone and iPod case, called The Move, can somehow harness the forces of evil (or something) to get your gadget to magically stick to anything you happen to be wearing.


Full disclosure: The Move does not actually operate using magic, the forces of evil, dark matter, anti-graviton emitters, pulsed laserjets, cream cheese, or millions of harnessed bacteria. Instead, it's just an iPhone-sized case that you slip under your clothes, and then when you press your iPhone into it from the outside, the case grabs the fabric in between and holds everything together. You can stick it to your shoulder for jogging, your forearm to be able to look at maps while you're driving, or the center of your chest if you want to distract people. This all makes much more sense on video, so have a look:

The Move is currently on Kickstarter, and they're looking for a cool $25,000 to get themselves some injection molds. A pledge of $25 will get you your own Move just as soon as they start pumping 'em out, which should happen sometime after August 22.

Kickstarter, via GizmoWatch

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