This USB flash drive has a digicam crammed inside

There's something to be said about super small digital cameras such as this CLAP camera. On the one hand, their insanely small size is quite adorable. On the other hand, the picture quality taken from such a small digital camera is sure to be worse than those taken with a modern day smartphone.

Contrary to its name, the CLAP camera by Powershovel is not activated by any means of striking the palms of one's hands together. However, the CLAP camera is a 1.4 x 2.8 x 0.59-inch digital camera with a USB 2.0 connector that can take two-megapixel stills at 1280 x 1024 resolution and videos at 720 x 480 resolution. It has a microSD slot for up to 16GB of storage, a teeny tiny rechargeable lithium-ion battery and of course a little hole for wearing this digicam as a necklace.

Quite simply: the CLAP digicam is cuteness overload.

Oddly enough, for a digicam, there is no rear LCD or viewfinder, which will make taking pics a bit of a hit or miss when framing shots, but hey, we wouldn't use this for professional photography anyway. That's what cameras like the Olympus E-P3 are for. At about $50, the CLAP toy camera isn't exactly cheap, but for the seeker of all things miniature, the CLAP cam certainly fits the description.

Superheadz, via Technabob

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