This cardboard vacuum is all about its packaging

Is there no end to the cardboard gadgets? The latest company to hop aboard the cardboard train is Vax, the U.K.'s top selling floorcare brand. No, it's not hocking any floor detergent this time, but it does have the world's first cardboard vacuum.

You'd think a cardboard vacuum would be a terrible idea, knowing the material isn't as strong as plastic or metal, but the designer Jake Tyler doesn't. Interestingly enough, the cardboard on his vac has a flame retardant coating and is constructed from the actual shipping box itself.

That's right, the shipping box is the vac's body. With a little bit of folding, the Vax Ev is ready to go (fun doodle art not included) without any glue or tape. But just because it's outside is completely recyclable doesn't mean its motorized parts can't be green too — the Vax Ev is made from pure nylon plastic using rapid process manufacturing instead of non-green injection moulding, which should make it recyclable as well.

We're still not sure just how durable a cardboard vac can be in the real-world, but Vax is hoping a few lucky customers will get to take it for a spin, as its planning a limited run for these vacs in the near future. What say you? Would you ever buy cardboard gadgets?

Vax, via Gizmodo

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