This $650 piece of wood will totally make music sound better

For some reason, audiophiles are willing to spend tons of money on things that are very obviously not worth it. More than almost any other product category, high-end audio accessories tend towards the ridiculous. Case in point: this $650 "vibration neutralizer."

Yes, it's a board that you put your stereo equipment on that claims that it reduces vibrations. And everybody knows that vibrations ruin music! Made of teak and rosewood with a dense MDF wood substrate, the two available versions of Kripton's boards are both very heavy. The Kripton AB-3200 "weighs in at ~33 lbs, can support gear up to ~330 lbs, and is actually priced at ~$442." Then there's the AB-5200, "which weighs in at ~52 lbs, will set you back ~$650." Either way, that's a lot of money for a weirdly heavy plank of wood. But hey, anything to make that Captain Beefheart record sound perfect, right?

Kripton via Oh Gizmo!

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