Thinnest house in the world to be built in a narrow alley

Home sweet home. Can you still call a four-story home sandwiched between two buildings and ladders instead of a staircase a comfortable home? If you're an artist who's not claustrophobic, you might get a shot at living in this narrow house in Warsaw, Poland.

To the average city dweller, an alley is nothing more than a space between two structures. When architect Jakub Szczesny sees an alley, he sees an opportunity to fill the empty gap with a livable home that has one bedroom, a lounge, bathroom and kitchen in a space that stretches back 40-feet.


The world's thinnest home, when completed will be just that — a skinny space. Szczesny says the home will be occupied by artists. Israeli writer Etgar Keret will apparently be the first resident to live in the ally house.

We can't say the thin house is an ideal place to have a party, but we can say that its isolating space should help cure any creative blocks that artists and writers tend to experience from time to time.

DailyMail, Dexigner, via DesignBuzz

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