ThinkPad makes a tablet you can actually connect to other stuff

Call me old-fashioned, but my big hang-up with the iPad is that it doesn't like to connect to things. Sure you can use Bluetooth, WiFi, or the ubiquitous Apple dock connector, but that leaves a lot of things that simply can't talk directly to the iPad. Lenovo's upcoming Honeycomb based ThinkPad tablet fixes that problem, by giving you a whole slew of actual ports.

Want to look at pictures from your digital camera on the ThinkPad's 1280x800 screen? Just pop the memory card into the SD card slot. Want to watch videos from the tablet on your TV? Then connect using the ThinkPad's Mini HDMI port. Add in the USB port and a SIM card slot, and you'll find there's a lot of way to connect things.

Other features include two cameras, 2GB of free cloud storage, a Gorilla Glass screen, and a bunch of apps including Facebook, Twitter, AccuWeather, Kindle, Documents to Go, and Zinio E-Mag. Lenovo says the Tegra 2 processor allows the tablet to run for eight hours on a charge, or just about the time it takes to fly from New York to Europe.

WiFi versions of the tablet will ship next month, with pre-orders starting on August 2. The 16GB model will run $479 without the digitizer pen and $509 with it, while the 32GB model will be $589 and comes with the digitizer pen as standard. 3G models are slated to follow later.

I've owned four ThinkPad laptops in a row, so this product really made my ears perk up. Only time will tell whether it lives up to expectations.

Via TechCrunch

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