These clothes are made from milk; yes, the white drinkable stuff

Here's a new spin on fashion, clothes made from milk.. While it sounds unlikely that you could make fabric from a cool frosty beverage, German fashion designer and microbiologist Anke Domaske has apparently found a way.

Quite how they turn the sour milk into a fiber you can weave into cloth is beyond my basic grasp of physics, but Domaske says it involves extracting a protein from the liquid which then solidifies. Customers say the fabric has a silky feel, although creamy would probably be a more appropriate word to describe it.

Domaske is currently showing her summer collection, which sounds quite affordable with prices starting around $200. A menswear line is expected to follow soon.

And no, it's not April first, I checked.

Deutsche Welle, via Treehugger

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