The blame game begins, Panasonic says Hollywood ruined 3D

They say too much of a good thing is a bad thing, but did Hollywood listen? Not at all. Panasonic, a big supporter of 3D says all the inferior "me too" 3D films made with conversions is destroying the format.

After James Cameron's Avatar took home the gold in 2010 for portraying its otherworld love story, other film houses followed suit with quick and cheap 3D conversions of 2D movies. Unsurprisingly, moviegoers were able to weed out terrible 3D movies such as Alice in Wonderland and Clash of the Titans and call them out for capitalizing on a growing trend. By that time, it was too late, Hollywood had already latched onto 3D as a new cash cow.

TechRadar caught up with Panasonic's marketing director Andrew Denham at the Intellect Consumer Electronics 2011 to get his thoughts on the whole 3D schtick and confirms what we've suspected all along:

"It all comes back to quality," he said. "Hollywood damaged 3D by rushing so many badly converted films out in the Avatar's wake."

"What we need now is the next level, the next Avatar. And that's a big ask, I think."

In addition, John Cassy, channel director for Europe's Sky 3D points out that deciding what to portray in 3D is rather important — a stink we've made before.

"It's very easy to make bad 3D," he told the panel. "At Sky we only make native 3D programmes, and our first stage of production is always to forget about the 3D altogether." "Because first and foremost, it's a TV programme - and if the story isn't right or it doesn't make any sense or it's not compelling, it's not good enough and we won't buy it."

Well, if lackluster 3D is destroying the format's chances of survival, then how is tying Avatar on 3D Blu-ray exclusively to Panasonic 3DTVs until February 2012 not doing the same? Consumers want quality 3D content, but if the gold bar starts with James Cameron's masterpiece, how can anybody who doesn't buy a new Panasonic 3DTV enjoy it? D'oh!

Oh, and those plastic 3D glasses don't exactly help either, but you already knew that.

Avatar 2 is not slated to hit theaters until at least December 2014. Can 3D mill on for another three years?

Via 3Dradar

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