Super shotgun kills zombies even more, even after they're dead

There's nothing quite like being prepared for the impending zombie invasion. We've covered how to survive the zombie hordes with transforming safe houses and sawblade slingshots, but Creek Stewart's custom-built shotgun might just be the most feature-packed solution to shoot, knife and burn the living dead all in one go.

If movies and games like Zombieland and House of the Living Dead have taught us anything, it's that shotguns make for the best zombie killing weapons. Creek Stewart's Mossberg 500-pump action shotgun is the ultimate survivor's tool. It covers the "five basic survival needs" of water, fire, shelter, signaling and food.

Stewart's "super" shotgun is loaded with 19 rounds of ammo, a handful of signal flares, a 5-inch Ka-Bar knife, flashlight and compass. Apparently, a handheld "folding saw" can even be attached to the the back of the pistol grip. If I were a zombie attacking this guy, I'd be very, very afraid.

Secret storage compartments inside of the shotgun's stock, pistol grip and pump grip carry survival essentials. Everything from "matches, striker, steel wool (for starting a fire), a multi-tool, foldable aluminum baking pan, thrash bag, fishing kit, non-lubricated condoms (obviously not for making zombie love), water purification tablets, survival blanket, first-aid kit, whistle, lighter and 25 feet of snare wire" is crammed inside.

Lastly, a word of advice from the survival instructor:

"If the zombies still eat your brains when you're carrying this thing, it's your own dang fault,"

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Willow Haven Outdoor, via Gizmag

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