5 promising superhero video games right around the corner

Summer means big movies, popcorn, and superheroes. It also means those same heroes will be battling against virtual injustice in new video games bearing their names. There are several coming out this summer, but will any of them stand against the greatest superhero video games of all time?

You'll have to find out on your own when you strap on your pixellated boots or polygoned capes and fight crime yourself.

1. DC Universe Online: Superman's Fortress of Solitude

Since DC Universe Online launched earlier this year, tons of people have been creating their own superheroes and fighting alongside the icons of spandex. But since that date, Superman's home has been off-limits. Soon, the lockdown will be lifted, and you can take the fight directly to the Man of Steel's arctic man cave. After all, we've been inside Bruce Wayne's Batcave, so why not the Fortress? Let's just hope things move to Wonder Woman's Dressing Room Arena at some point. In the meantime, stay icy cold with Supes when the next update hits the game this summer.

2. Spider-Man: Edge of Time

If there is one thing most comic books fans love nearly as much as New Comic Book Day, it's time travel. From Back to the Future to Star Trek IV, some of the geekiest properties out there involve turning back the hands of time. Spider-Man: Edge of Time is no different.

Peter David (pick up his Hulk: Future Imperfect graphic novel, STAT!) writes this game that has the Spider-Man of 2099 trying to stop the Spider-Man of our time from being killed in a corporate scheme, and what you do in the past affects the future. Two different Spider-Men? Time travel? Peter David? Excitement reaches a fever pitch.


3. X-Men: Destiny

X-Men: Destiny starts out with you choosing your character from one of three new mutants created specifically for the game. You're at the funeral of Professor X, and from there the developers are putting the emphasis on choice and destiny. You have to choose your path and decide what kind of mutant you're going to want to be. You'll encounter the heavy-hitters of the mutant realm, from Wolverine to Colossus to Nightcrawler, and have to decide if you want to be one of the good guys, or one of the bad guys.

4. Marvel Pinball

The wonderful Zen Studios keeps churning out amazing pinball content, and one of their most recent masterpieces is Marvel Pinball, available on both Xbox Live and through the PlayStation Network. The game comes with tables for Iron Man, Spider-Man, Blade, and Wolverine, and DLC keeps the silver ball rolling with The Fantastic Four and the newly-released Captain America tables. They up the ante with each release, and Cap's table is nothing short of fantastic. Er, marvelous. I mean, amazing.

No matter what adjective you use, it's been in the title of a comic book. Suffice it to say, it's well worth picking up and adding to your Marvel Pinball collection.

5. Batman: Arkham City

Whoa, somehow we plum forgot to put this on here!

For years developers tried, and failed, to make a good Batman game. People were beginning to think that there just might not be a proper way to capture the Dark Knight in all of his cowl-wearing glory. After all, he doesn't just punch people in the face and swing around Gotham City on a wire: he's supposed to be the world's greatest detective. That's where Rocksteady Studios came in and finally got things right with Batman: Arkham Asylum. That game nailed what it was to be Batman, and now the eagerly anticipated sequel to that game is on the way.

Batman: Arkham City amps the action by spilling the entire conflict over into Gotham City itself. You'll be facing numerous foes from Batman's gallery of villains, gliding high over an open-world city, and you'll be able to jump into some spandex and play through as Catwoman for part of the game. Even the Boy Wonder makes an appearance this time around, though only in the Challenge Rooms. Hold out hope, dear chum! There's always Batman & Robin: Arkham Nation.

So what superhero video games are you looking forward to?

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