Steve Jobs impersonator peddles Taiwan tea with the iPad 2

In the annals of Apple popular culture, this is a first. A Taiwan-based tea company has just released a tea commercial featuring a dead ringer for Steve Jobs, peddling not just the iPad 2, but Taiwanese tea.

The commercial begins with the faux Steve Jobs strolling across a black stage, clad in the iconic black turtleneck shirt and blue jeans, with a giant iPad 2 displayed in the background. And this is no cheap parody, the set-up looks "exactly" like a real Jobs keynote, and the actor is a pro, expertly mimicking Jobs' trademark earnest yet thoughtful stage walk and speaking style. The actor then goes on to tell the audience how they can win an iPad 2 by participating in the tea company's promotion, which runs until September. The mystery here is why it took a Taiwanese company to do such a spot-on parody of the Cupertino guru. The other big question is: Will Apple try to stop this ad? Apple is notoriously protective of the image of Jobs, and likely more so given that this promotion features the iPad 2. In any case, if you're one of the legions of Apple faithful who follow Jobs' every move, then this video (see below) will be quite a treat, enjoy!

Via FrostyPlace

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