South Koreans can shop for food on train platforms using phones

As if we needed more reasons to tell you how advanced South Korean society is in terms of integrating technology in innovative ways, here comes the virtual grocery store on subway platforms. Yep, they can shop for groceries, while waiting for the train to arrive. How efficient is that?

Anybody who's ever had to wait on a train subway platform for a train can tell you just how boring it is. So why not spend that time shopping for groceries? Well, that's exactly what European grocery chain Tesco lets South Koreans do.

Plastering entire subway stations with life-sized photos of supermarket aisles, commuters can use their cellphones to snap a QR code attached to each product image. The snapped QR codes are then sorted into a virtual shopping cart where they can be purchased.

Groceries are then delivered to the buyer's home by the end of the day.

So not only will you never have to visit a physical supermarket ever again, but all those "I'm too tired from work to get fresh veggies" and "The grocery store is too far away" excuses will be rendered useless.

With over 10,000 satisfied customers using the service, Tesco seems to have a hit on their hands. The only thing left to ask is, when can we get these on our shores?

Technology Review, via PopSci

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